Slobodan Vujisic, Artistic Director - lute, oud, saz

After graduating classical guitar with honors from the prestigious “Orazio Vecchi” Conservatory in Modena, Italy, Mr. Vujisic was a full time professor of classical guitar at the State Conservatory “Slavenski” in Belgrade, Serbia. A Veteran of European early music scene, he has recorded five CD’s and gave over 1,000 concerts with his “Ensemble Rennaissance” , including the Schauspielhaus in Berlin, St. Marten Theatre in Paris, and the Dubrovnik Festival. In January of 2009 he formed Austin Troubadours, where he is still the Artistic Director and business manager. They performed 18 concerts in Texas in 2010 and 2011, appeared twice on NPR radio programs, and performed live on TV on FOX news and Channel 8 in Austin.

Bruce Colson - violin, vielle

With a strictly classical upbringing, Colson started playing violin at age 7, performing professionally by 16, and by college was a member of the Austin Symphony Orchestra, where he currently has a tenured position in the Violin I section. Bruce holds a degree in music from the University of Texas. He is interested in all styles of music and performing possibilities on the violin, including early music on baroque violin, symphonic and choral music, musical theater, opera, avant garde compositions from contemporary composers and even fiddling, with a special affinity for Irish music. Performances have taken him to Europe, Asia, South America and around the U.S. Other credits include film and recording work for both local and Hollywood productions. In addition to the Austin Symphony, Bruce is a member of the Austin Lyric Opera, Victoria Symphony, Britt Festival Orchestra and performs regularly with the Texas Early Music Project, La Follia, and various other instrumental ensembles. He is also the violinist in the international world music group, “Mundi”.

Jenifer Thyssen - Soprano

Described by one critic as “glorious Austin soprano Jenifer Thyssen,” Jenifer has thrilled, delighted, and moved critics and audiences alike, earning her opportunities to perform in various venues throughout Texas, California, and New England.

Honored as Best Female Classical Singer by the Austin American-Statesman’s Austin Critics Table Awards in 2003, and nominated again for the award in 2007 and 2008, “Thyssen’s beautiful vocal storytelling” enraptures audiences whether the music is by Hildegard von Bingen, William Byrd, or J.S. Bach.

Jenifer and her husband Andrew reside in Austin and are blessed by the adventure of being mother and father to five fabulous sons and a lovely daughter.

Victor Eijkhout - recorders, saz, percussion

Gifted with a musical ADD that makes him record a clay-pot drum solo one day and an electronic meditation on the symmetries of the C60 molecule the next, Victor has an enduring love for all things flute. Having played recorder and Boehm flute since an early age, he has in recent years been exploring the Native American flutes, which resulted in his CD "Flutecore". He is currently trying to master the Kaval, and occasionally picks up a Rauschpfeif, Xiao, Shakuhachi, or Hulusi.

When he is not fluting, Victor can be heard around Austin playing recorder with the Texas Early Music project, oud with Bereket, bass in the 1001 Nights Orchestra, or practicing percussion on his front porch.

Neli Vujisic - harpsichord, saz, psaltery

An accomplished, enthusiastic and versatile pianist, piano teacher and highly sought-after accompanist, Neli Vujisic began studying piano when she was five years old in her native country of Yugoslavia. At the age of eleven, she won the prize at the National Competition of Piano Students in Belgrade. After graduating with honors from University ob Belgrade School of Music she was tenured Professor of Piano at the State Music School “Binicki” for ten years. She is an East- European piano repertoire specialist.

Oliver Rajamani - rebab, percussion

World music sensation, Indian, Middle Eastern, and Gypsy music master instrumentalist and vocalist, Rajamani is an international touring act having toured the USA, India, Canada, Burmuda, Germany and Israel. Music critics have distinguished Rajamani as an “artist who has redefined Gypsy Music by taking it back to India to its original roots” and “literally destroying borders”.

John Walters - viol, rebec, vielle

John Walters received a degree in Music Education from the University of Texas at Austin. He studied cello under Michael Matesky and Paul Olefsky. After receiving his degree he went on to become an orchestra director in the Austin school district. His orchestras consistently received outstanding awards both locally and throughout the United States and Canada. His interest in chamber music and early music started while in college and has continued to this day. He was one of the founding members of the Clearlight Waits. He plays most string instruments including cello, bass and treble viola da gamba, rebec, vielle, violin, mandolin, oud, and guitar.